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Rob Quist and Jack Gladstone, two of (the West’s most celebrated entertainers and songwriters, have united in an unforgettable new show, Odyssey West, commemorating Lewis and Clark’s epic journey West.
    Gladstone and Quist literally bring the West to life with the rich historical content of their original songs and narratives presented with dramatic live footage as well as haunting photographic and artistic images of the Old and New West.
    Odyssey West is sponsored by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Rob and Jack were commissioned to write the song, Pass It On, which was made into a video currently being used by the Trail Heritage Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as a tool to promote the preservation of habitat and historical sites throughout the West. The song and video , Pass It On, is included in their Odyssey West Enhanced CD as well as their live production.
    Rob and Jack have been selected to perform Odyssey West at numerous Bi-centennial National Signature Events including Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s estate in Virginia ; the annual convention of the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial in Great Falls, Mt; A Journey Fourth in Atchison, KS; the Missouri Historical Museum in St. Louis, MO; Great Falls of the Missouri in Montana; as well as the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.
    The stories and legends of the American West are woven from the fabric of many people’s dreams. Odyssey West  tells the stories of the first white Americans to document the West as well as the the Native Americans who lived in the vast untamed land that became America. Special tribute is paid to Sacagawea, and to York, the black man who accompanied the Corps of Discovery.
    Jack, an American Indian from the Blackfeet Tribe, and Rob, a Montana rancher’s son, take their audience on a powerful journey through the divergent paths traveled by the Indian and White Man, yet the message is one of hope as the paths converge with a vision for all Americans in their final song, Pass It On:
            It’s the dawning of a new day here in America,

A nation born of many people’s dreams.

We’re the stewards of the stories of those who came before

The keepers of the mountains and the streams.

Pass it on . . . . Pass it on . .

Honor the spirit of this land they walked upon.

Hear the wild land’s healing song,

Heed the gift that we’ve been given,   Pass it on.


Odyssey West will be touring and accepting bookings throughout the Bicentennial

For Complete Promotional Pack and Booking Availability Contact:

Rob Quist



Rob Quist

(for complete promo info

            Rob Quist, known to many as Montana’s Musical Ambassador, was a founding member of the group, Mission Mountain Wood Band, appearing on ABC’s Cheryl Ladd Special as well as NBC’s Country Comes to New York.  Named by the Missoulian as “One of Montana’s Notable Musicians of the Twentieth Century,” Rob has released 9 CD’s, placing songs on Billboard and Independent Charts as well as receiving radio airplay in United States, Europe and Japan.  Rob’s songs have been recorded by Michael Martin Murphey and Loretta Lynn, and he was recently inducted in the University of Montana School of Fine Arts Hall of Honors recognizing him as “One of its greats,” saluting him as “a celebrated Montana musician and composer who has captured the spirit of the West in his music, an eloquent proponent of the history and beauty of the West whose legacy in song will be embraced by generations to follow.”

Rob, a rancher’s son from Cut Bank, Montana, was the Senior Patrol Leader for the Boy Scout troop that discovered the Two Medicine fight site, the infamous meeting place of Captain Meriwether Lewis and the Blackfeet Indians in 1806.  The Two Medicine Fight Site had been previously undiscovered and it is now recognized as a National Historic Landmark.  This experience ignited a lifelong passion in Rob for the stories of the American West.




Jack Gladstone

(for complete promo info

Jack Gladstone, a member of the Blackfeet Tribe, attended the University of Washington on a football scholarship, earning both a degree in Speech Communications and a Rose Bowl ring with the 1978 championship Huskies.  Since 1988, Jack has released 9 critically acclaimed, independently produced CD’s.  His release, Buffalo Republic, was honored with an entry-level nomination for the 2001 Grammy Awards and was nominated for Folk Recording and Historical Album of the Year by the Native American Music Awards.

Jack grew up immersed in the rich oral tradition of the West, listening to his Blackfeet Indian grandmother tell the story of Creation and the other myths that formed their cultural framework.  Jack’s great, great grandfather, Red Crow, was the chief of the Blood tribe from 1870-1900 and led his people from their glory days of the buffalo into reservation life.  As a Native American, Jack has experienced the European impact upon our continent’s cultural journey from another perspective.  He tells the story of U. S. westward expansion with keep insight and sensitivity.



The Songs of Odyssey West (CD Available)


  1. Pass It On, Rob Quist and Jack Gladstone

             A Challenge to all Americans to preserve all that is wild and untouched in America.

             Dedicated to The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  1. Two Medicine, Rob Quist and Bonni W. Quist

             Lewis’s first encounter with the Blackfeet

  1. Buffalo Café, Jack Gladstone

      The Glory Days of the American Indian

  1. Old Sam, Prelude, arranged by Rob Quist

             The Birth of America

  1. Hudson Bay Blues, Jack Gladstone and Linda Howard

              The Fur Companies bring trade to the Indians

  1. Lewis and Clark Rag, Greg Keeler

               Lewis and Clark begin their Odyssey

  1. Voice of the Prairie Medley
    1. Voice of the Prairie, Rob Quist (Lewis hears the sounds of the great plains.)
    2. Wolf, Jack Gladstone (White Man’s vs. Native American’s view of the wolf.)
    3. Horse Whisperer, Rob Quist, (Partnership between man and animal)
    4. Faces the Blizzard, Jack Gladstone, (The Native view of the Great American Bison)
  2. In Search of York, Jack Gladstone

             The story of Clark’s black servant, York

  1. Sacagawea, Rob Quist and Jack Gladstone

                     The poignant story of the Expedition’s Shoshoni Guide

  1. She’s Been Called A Lady, Rob Quist

                    A Poem comparing the Western Country to a Woman

  1. Roll on Forever, Rob Quist

            Dedicated to America’s Railroads

  1. When the Land Belonged to God, Jack Gladstone

                   An Ode to Charlie Russell